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Website Tweaks - Change log

2024.03.28 - Price page updated to reflect April 2024 Retail Price List
2024.02.26 - Major Site Overhaul
Door opening graphic added to front page
Secondary front page added to avoid door graphic every time visitors return to Home
Front page now gives three destinations - Products, Support & About
Site simplified under those three options
Single Download page now includes all sales, aftersales & maintenance information
Multiple updates to downloadable content (specs, manuals etc)
Various CSS tweaks

2024.02.05 - April 2024 Retail Price List uploaded to Price List Page
Updated spec sheets added for 905mm and 805mm undercounter and upright product ranges


2023.12.19 - Christmas settings applied!
Virtual Xmas card added

2023.11.29 - Corrected link from Wine Cabinets panel

2023.11.28 - New panels to tidy up Front page, some text corrections
Wine Cabinet page updated

2023.07.14 - Front page updated - wine cabinets added
Wine cabinet panel added to Products Page
Products-Wine - page added
Products-Retail - extensive corrections to text

2023.07.12 - Front page updated

2023.07.11 - CSS tweaks for better mobile performance on smaller width screens (Galaxy Fold etc), particularly front page

2023.04.05 - Prices page updated to May 2023 prices
Corrected a couple of typos re dimensions on Prices page
Front page updated to mention updates to Price page and new Brochure Viewer page

2023.03.10 - New flipbook brochure page added, old brochure page removed

2023.03.07 - Spring Retail Price List announced
May 2023 Retail Price List download link added to Prices page

2023.02.08 - Front page image tweaks, header updated
Minor CSS tweaks


2022.11.30 - Download page edited to show correct version of the price list
Download link edited to connect to the correct version

2022.08.02 - Price List page updated with new September prices. Now split into standard "stock" items and special build items

2022.07.29 - September 2022 Retail Price List and covering letter uploaded to Pricelist page

2022.07.13 - Correct 2022 Retail Price List uploaded to Download page

2022.06.14 - door hinging information added to Product pages for Undercounter, Upright and Countertop ranges

2022.06.08 - MM9 details updated, MM9 Slim added, print sheets added for both
2022 spec sheet uploaded for MM10 and MM9 to replace previous
2022 spec sheet uploaded to replace 2019 eCold (905mm) - correcting error in description
Download - Sales page updated with several new spec sheets

2022.04.28 - Quick Links added to front page

2022.03.16 - Front page updated
Various styling tweaks

2022.02.24 - CM15 and GM4 details uploaded to Milk Chiller page to replace MM4M and MM2SC respectively
Corrections to specs shown for MM3M, 125P
Spec sheets uploaded for CM15, GM4 and 125P (revised version)

2022.02.18 - News page updated with details of HRC Show

2022.01.17 - New upright fridge range - details added throughout site

2022.01.13 - CSS tweaks

2022.01.10 - Price page updated
Links added for each product range back to appropriate product page

2022.01.04 - News page updated
New 2022 Upright model details uploaded to Uprights page


21.12.22 - 2022 Price List uploaded
New Price List page created

21.11.10 - Spec sheet for 262E added to Upright page

2021.11.09 - Upright page updated with new 262E model
265E model marked as currently unavailable

2021.10.22 - New D Range added to Motorsport page

2021.09.06 - Correct Price List added to Downloads - Sales page
Header tweaked, various other CSS tweaks and tidies

2021.08.16 - Installation Gallery page updated
News page updated

2021.08.11 - Instagram links added to header and footer
Motorsport front page updated with new slide shows

2021.07.14 - Front page updated.


2020.11.27 - Why Buy British page added. Menu and About pages updated to suit.

2020.11.24 - CSS tweaked so that Special Projects page displays better on mobile devices

2020.11.18 - Special Projects page added
Product pages updated to make downloading spec sheets, manuals etc easier
Minor CSS tweaks

2020.09.04 - Menu tweaked for improved mobile performance

2020.09.02 - Complete site overhaul using php to allow for future development. Previous styles retained but new dynamic header added.
Mobile compatibilty improved

2020.04.23 - Menu behaviour altered so it works properly on touchscreen devices
Other small CSS tweaks

2020.04.14 - Meat aging cabinet added to Specialist Products page

2020.04.08 - Front page updated
News page updated
Medical Fridge Range added
Menu redesigned for easier use (dropdown panels triggered by mouse hover or by double tap on touch screens)

2020.03.25 - Front page updated
Minor CSS tweaks

2020.02.24 - New 2020 price list added to Download - Sales page and News page

2020.02.07 - Updated spec sheet added for Fish Keepers, now includes OC250. Links on Fish Keeper product page and Download - Sales page

2020.01.23 - Small CSS tweaks to aid mobile use

2020.01.22 - Major site rebuild
Site restructured to improve usability - Sales and Support areas split
Mobile compatibility improved


2019.12.19 - New details added to Undercounter page for 430E and 420E fridges (replace models 4300 and 4200)

2019.12.06 - New details for OC250 Fish Keeper added, various minor updates

2019.08.21 - Updated spec sheets uploaded to Download Area, Upright page Undercounter pages

2019.07.12 - Out of date details for Catering Range removed from Undercounter page

2019.06.05 - News page updated
Latest Retail Price List (rev2) posted
Images updated for Catering Range (new handles) and revised model numbers for freezers

2019.04.18 - Individual print pages updated for most models
Some CSS tweaks

2019.03.05 - Environment page updated
Environmental Policy added to site
Retail Price List (revision 1) posted

2019.02.13 - News page updated
CM5 details, spec sheet etc added to Products - Milk page, News page, Downloads page

2019.02.04 - News page updated
Downloads page updated, with new spec sheets added
Google+ links removed


2018.11.22 - News page updated
Downloads page updated, with new brochure added
New Brochure Viewer page added
Small CSS tweaks

2018.10.30 - News page updated
Intallations Gallery page updated
Small CSS tweaks

2018.08.03 - Updated spec sheets for various cabinets uploaded
Dimensions downloads added to various product pages
Intallations Gallery page updated
Other CSS tweaks

2018.06.18 - Updated spec sheets for 805mm and 905mm high cabinets uploaded
Other CSS tweaks

2018.06.14 - Top Loading Chillers page updated and new TL Range spec sheet uploaded

2018.05.30 - News Page updated

2018.05.22 - News Page updated
CSS updated to give a more Flat Design look

2018.04.12 - Privacy Policy uploaded (links from all pages)

2018.04.09 - News Page updated

2018.02.27 - 2018 Price List added to Download Page.
Specification sheets added to relevant product pages.

2018.02.01 - New 2018 Price List uploaded, with relevant tweaks to Home and News pages.

2018.01.18 - Minor tweaks.

2018.01.03 - News page updated with 2018 exhibition details.


2017.12.19 - 404 page added.
Headers tweaked.
Fav icons added for Apple & other touch devices.

2017.1.18 - SSL uploaded and unsecure sources & content removed. Green "secure" padlock should be visible in all browsers.

2017.12.08 - New website uploaded. Major changes include:
Completely redesigned look to site.
Header resizes dynamically to increase viewing area.
Information carousel added to front page.
Clearer layout and better performance on mobile devices.
Links to complete product range added to page footer
Bookmarks and navigation buttons added to Download Area to make it easier to find things.


2017.07.04 - New versions of 900mm and 800mm eCold spec sheets available on Downloads page.
Pass Through chillers page updated with new model numbers and dimensions. Print pages updated.

2017.05.02 - News page updated.
Products added to Undercounter and Countertop Products pages.

2017.03.09 - Corrections to a few dimensions on Undercounter Chillers page.
News page updated.

2017.02.17 - Products pages re-organised to a (hopefully) clearer layout - comments welcome.
Download Area renamed Download/Help Area and details of YouTube channel added to page.

2017.02.06 - Details of YouTube channel added to News page.
Social media links added to page headers in addition to footers

2017.02.02 - Details added to Products and Download Area for BD4 display cabinet range.

2017.01.26 - News page updated - details of new price list and products added.
Downloads page updated to include new price list and draft spec sheet for eColdN range.

2017.01.21 - News page updated - details of our new Twitter page added.
Twitter logo / link added to the page footer.


2016.12.13 - Equestrian button behaviour altered to cure an issue where it was seen as a pop-up by some browsers

2016.12.08 - News page updated - details of our new Facebook page added and Exhibitions section updated.
Facebook logo / link added to the page footer.

2016.10.25 - Downloads page updated - new spec sheet for Retail Cabinets added, new line drawings for Pass-Through cabinets added, revised line drawing for uprights added.
MM105M label added to EcoDesign labels.

2016.09.26 - Links added to individual product sheets (Upright Chillers) to download a copy. Print option still available. Rest of range to follow.
Fixed table alignment issue with Firefox browser on product sheets

2016.09.08 - Fixed broken image links on 180E / 180E Slimline printable product pages

2016.09.05 - More EcoDesign labels uploaded
News page updated, line drawings for upright range added to Downloads page and other minor updates

2016.07.14 - New website uploaded. Major changes include:
Individual cabinet spec sheets redesigned to fit one side of A4 and "Print" button added
Navigation buttons redesigned for easier use on mobile devices
Front page redesigned to include more general information

2016.03.24 - "You are here" links added

2016.03.15 - New price list (May 2016) posted on Literature page. A couple of corrections to cabinet dimensions

2016.03.09 - Various CSS updates, a couple of broken links fixed. Specification sheet for TL range added to Literature page


2015.10.26 - News page updated. Quick Contacts panel removed and Contact Us page replaced with modal popup viewable on all pages.

2015.09.28 - Undercounter cabinet range updated (brown finish changed to special order) - changes to News page and relevant product pages & spec sheets
Directions added to Find Us page

2015.08.04 - Download Sales and Download Technical pages updated

2015.07.31 - Menu bar clarified
Updated spec sheets uploaded to Sales Downloads page

2015.07.24 - News page updated

2015.06.19 - New line drawings added to Technical Downloads page

2015.06.17 - CSS tweaks

2015.04.29 - News page updated
Print sheets and details added for Model 280E

2015.04.07 - Site recoded to be "mobile friendly", other minor updates

2015.03.24 - 230E printable sheets added

2015.03.23 - Whole site tweaked for better mobile device compatibility

2015.03.11 - Product pages updated with clearer layout
Specialist Cabinet page renamed New Models / Specialist Cabinets and new models added

2015.02.24 - 280ES details added to Products
Product Range Overview page tweaked, including added images for each section
CSS tweaked for clearer menus

2015.02.17 - Draft copy of May 2015 (version 2) price list uploaded to News page

2015.02.10 - Draft copy of May 2015 price list uploaded to News page

2015.01.22 - Link to 230E printable sheet repaired
Exhibition News updated and basic specs for 125P, 460ES and W117 new chillers added to News page

2015.01.02 - New website uploaded


2014.09.23 - Sliding door option removed for 180E models (sliding door version now discontinued)

2014.08.04 - Link added for Restaurant Show free tickets on News page

2014.07.21 - Restaurant Show details added to News
W80 & W40 wine dispensers marked as special order / minimum quantity

2014.06.18 - 2750S Slimline details added to Products

2014.04.25 - MM2 added to Products & Hi-Res Image sections
CM1M printable spec sheet corrected

2014.01.21 - Cabinet spec sheets updated and new added to Downloads

2014.01.13 - Xmas decorations taken down
Osborne Equestrian site recoded to CSS2.1 and 2014 Show Dates added


2013.12.24 - Carel controller replacement instructions uploaded

2013.12.16 - Model numbers added to spec sheet links on Download page

2013.12.11 - Xmas decorations put up
Tweaklog reversed to put most recent changes at top of list

2013.12.03 - Santas On Bikes Pics added to News Section

2013.11.15 - Navigation buttons redesigned

2013.10.27 - Navigation buttons resized to fit on smaller screens (tablets etc)

2013.10.25 - Top & bottom gradients added to page template

2013.10.11 - Menu bars position fixed for easier site navigation

2013.10.09 - New pictures added on History page

2013.09.16 - Rewrite html code for entire site to CSS 2.1

2013.06.06 - 4200 & 4300 pictures updated

2013.05.31 - Minor layout change

2013.04.18 - Pictures for eCold chillers updated to include digital controller

2013.03.12 - Troubleshooting Guide added to Downloads page

2013.03.07 - Link to this page added to page template
History page updated with new photos of extension
Stand for Caffé Culture confirmed on News page

2013.02.12 - 2013 Product Brochure added to Downloads

2013.01.28 - Spec sheets for upright and undercounter chiller ranges updated

2013.01.15 - Products page updated to include 2750 Slimline cabinet

2013.01.11 - Updated drop down tables on Products page to include specification changes and correct minor typos.
History page updated.
News page updated
"Last Updated" date added to page template


2012.09.14 - Spec sheets and Instruction Manuals for latest spec cabinets added

2012.09.12 - Updated cabinet print sheets to include new spec with digital controllers

2012.04.27 - Show/Hide links highlighted on Products page and page slightly redesigned for clarity

2012.04.23 - Updated spec sheets (now includes power & compressor details) for eCold chillers

2012.03.21 - Extra instruction manuals added to Downloads section

2012.03.13 - Several updated hi-res pictures uploaded

2012.03.05 - Fixed: navigation buttons not locating poperly at top of long pages in Internet Explorer

2012.02.16 - Updated: details for eCold upright chillers uploaded (dimensions, model numbers)

2012.02.10 - New site uploaded
Stormy Monday Design
Sectigo Trust Logo