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Celebrating 60 Years of British Manufacturing

60th Anniversary Logo

2020 is our sixtieth year manufacturing the best in refrigeration. Fittingly, as we started manufacturing specialist fish cabinets in 1960, one of our new models for this year is a fresh fish cabinet. The OC250 is designed to take either pairs of 1/1 gastronorm pans or shallower 2/1 gasronorm trays for larger fish. It's not the only new product we will be launching this year, so keep your eyes peeled for more details soon.

eColdN Catering Range

If you look at our eColdN catering range, you will notice that the freezers matching the 31ES and 161ES single door chillers have been re-numbered as Model 32EF and Model 162EF respectively. There is no specification change; this is purely to avoid confusion where we were receiving purchase orders for 31E or 161E which omitted the S or F to define which model was required.

Pricing Information for 2020

Our new price list will come into effect on April 1st 2020 and can be downloaded right now - click here to download your copy. Orders placed before the end of March (and delivery before 1st June 2020) will be processed at the 2019 price. If you are on our mailing list, you should have received a copy via email by the end of February - please contact the Sales Office if it didn't arrive. Our mailing list was rebuilt when the new GDPR legislation came in, so you might have fallen off our radar.

New Product Brochure & Online Viewer

We've added a lot of new models to our product range since our last sales brochure was produced, so we have overhauled and expanded it. There are now drawings for all our Upright, Undercounter, Catering and Pass-Through models and for most of our Milk Refrigerator range. You can find a link to it on the Download page, along with our new Viewer page where you can flick through the whole brochure just like a magazine.

New Cabinets

We are pleased to announce an addition to our extensive range of specialist milk refrigerators. The CM5 is a low height compact cabinet with a 5.5 litre milk capacity. It's low profile allows it to be sited directly underneath the coffee machine without affecting the operation at all. More details are available on the Milk Chillers page.

Milk Refrigerator Range
We showed off a wide selection from our eColdN range at various exhibitions last year. These are our most energy efficient cabinets yet, including A+ and A rated cabinets, and are ideal for cafés, coffee shops and retail eating areas - anywhere in fact where space is limited but you don't want to compromise on quality. More details are available on the Undercounter Catering Refrigerators page.

eColdN Range
At last year's Bar and Pub Show we launched something a bit different. The CC1 is our modern alternative to an ice bucket. Click on the picture for more details.
Meet our new CC1 The modern ice-free alternative... ...to the ice bucket Available in painted finish, stainless steel finish, or stunning two tone
The CC1 is the perfect way to keep wine or champagne chilled at your table. Using no ice means that the bottle stays dry - no more messy drips - and it works for hours. Two types of eutectic cold packs are available, one for normal wine temperature and one for sub-zero spirits.

CC1 spec sheet
Also new are the BD4 display cabinets, the open top OTD1 and the CW1, a new cup warmer.
There are three versions of the BD4 countertop bottle display cabinet. The BD4C runs at +1 to +5oC for normal display of wine or champagne, ideal for showing off premium or promotional products. The BD4S runs at -2 to -5oC which chills wine or champagne to just above it's freezing point, changing it's character completely. Perfectly refreshing (and went down very well at the show!). Lastly, the BD4F is a freezer designed to display vodka or gin at -10 to -15oC, ideal for trendy bars and nightclubs.
The OTD1 is a small open display, ideal for displaying new or premium products in a highly visible position.
The CW1 is a first for us - it's not a fridge! We have designed the CW1 to complement our milk refrigerators when used in conjunction with professional coffee machines. It will pre-warm three shelves of coffee cups so that busy sites can always serve a perfect cup of tea or coffee.
Details for all these models are on our Countertop Products page.


If you want to meet us in person, or touch and feel our products and see what we have new, we can be found at a number of exhibitions throughout the year. Come and see the latest developments to the range and our newest additions.

Details for 2020 shows will be posed here soon.

Come and see us on Stand P418

Website Updates

As you have probably noticed, the website has been completely reworked for 202. As with all our website rebuilds, many of the changes have been in response to visitor comments. The Download Area has been split into a Sales area and Support area to make it easier to find what you are looking for. The site should be fully compatible with all popular devices and browsers (desktop and mobile versions) - please let us know at web@osborne-ref.co.uk if you have any problems. We have been testing extensively but it's impossible to test all eventualities. The site will continue to be tweaked and polished as required, you can check the Tweak log to see any changes since your last visit.

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Changes to Product Finishes

Over the past few years, our product range has expanded considerably, particularly the undercounter cabinets. To suit a 900mm wide gap for example, there are currently two heights, two depths and a choice of hinged or sliding doors. That is six basic varieties, even before other options such as finish (painted or stainless steel), solid doors or stainless steel door frames are included. It has become simply impractical to keep a useful level of stock for all these versions. To rationalise the range, and allow us to keep good stock of the most popular varieties, we have now dropped the brown painted as a stock finish. It will still be available to special order but minimum quantities will apply and there will be a lead time of 6-8 weeks. Black, silver and stainless steel finishes will remain as presently.
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