British Built Commercial Fridges by Osborne Refrigerators
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Osborne Refrigerators - Six Decades of British Manufacturing

British Designed And Built

Have you ever thought you were buying British, persuaded by friendly flags and union jack logos, only to discover that at the bottom of the box it stated "Manufactured in PRC"? Lots of companies claim to be British and many have sales offices and distribution here. Some still do design work in the UK, but not nearly as many as you might think actually manufacture in the UK.
Osborne Refrigerators was set up in Bognor Regis, West Sussex in 1960. We started off manufacturing exclusively in the UK and we still do.

Manufactured in the UK, not just assembled

Every Osborne fridge ever made starts life as flat sheets of metal and a variety of components. The metal is punched out and then folded on state of the art CNC machines.

Sheet Metal Sheet metal processing
Various large and small parts are folded and some sub-assemblies are welded together. Unless they are stainless steel, most of these are then sprayed with a powdercoat enamel and baked in a large oven.

Assembled Tanks
In the meantime in another area of the factory, wiring for the 240V and 12V electrical systems are being put together and, on the secondary production line, the refrigeration systems are assembled and tested.
Refrigeration Systems Refrigeration Systems
On the main production line, the outer carcass has the insulation installed, wiring looms and fan motors fitted and then the inner tank inserted.
As it moves along the line, the refrigeration system is installed, doors are hung and the last parts are fitted. Every fridge is then run and tested before packing.
Production Line On test
  • Every Osborne Refrigerators product is a top quality, hand-built cabinet designed for high performance and a long and efficient working life.
  • Spare parts are easy to fit and are held in stock here for a long period, which means you can keep your Osborne fridge working hard for many years.
  • When it finally reaches the end of its life, all Osborne fridges are designed to be straightforward to recycle.
Remember, Buy British, Buy The Best, Buy Osborne.
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