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Model 30MED
Model 30MED

Height (mm)805
Width (mm)493
Depth (mm)550
Capacity (l)94
  • All cabinets are front vented and need minimal airspace around them (~20mm recommended above)
  • All cabinets are fitted with maintenance free condensers
  • All cabinets are fan assisted and auto-defrost
  • All cabinets are fitted with LED lighting and low-voltage fans for low energy consumption
  • All cabinets are fitted with a digital temperature controller
  • Standard temperature range is +1 to +5oC but can be altered to suit specific requirements
  • High / low temperature alarms
  • Data logging facility optional
  • Solid lockable door standard / glass lockable door optional
  • Antimicrobial copper door handle
  • Interior is 304 grade stainless steel
  • Rear rollers on undercounter models for easy moving to clean
  • Castors optional (adds approx 120mm to height)

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